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Vinegar production systems

Experience, competence and technology at the service of vinegar producers

GRANZOTTO has been working for many years in the vinegar industry, especially balsamic.

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Product refinement and worth are the key elements in all G-MOVE projects, which provide high quality pipeline, food grade welding, hygienic pumps, optimized pipelines to eliminate contamination risk.


Integrated systems for product recovery Pigging G-RECO allow the distinction between different production line batch, separating organic vinegar production.
Pigging G-RECO systems recovers the whole product inside the pipeline at the end of the transfer, ensuring:

  • vinegar quality, with no contamination
  • production maximisation
  • pipeline cleaning at the end of storage and easy piping layout


Cleaning system CIP G-CLEAN, integrated with the recovery pigging system G-RECO, easly manages the delicate phase of piping, tanks and filling machine in a quick and efficient way. 


Storage and filling processes are controlled by G-CONTROL solutions, that can be integrated in every company's management software.

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All GRANZOTTO systems are into the G-CARE assistance programme, which provides preventive maintenance programmes, remote monitoring, qualified operators always available for technical support and assistance.

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