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SPIRIT distillation system

Experience, competence and technology at the service of master-distillers

GRANZOTTO offers reliable, advanced and engineered solutions in the field of design and installation of complete distilleries (brandy, wine spirit, grappa, whisky). GRANZOTTO, thanks to its several decades long experience, is one of the leading companies in food plants industry. Its expertise includes solid and liquid raw material, processing (marcs, wine, fruits, etc.). GRANZOTTO distillation systems, are capable of enhancing desirable flavour and aromatic qualities of the raw materials.

Continuous research together with careful choice of materials and construction types permit original and effective solutions, adapted to the specific demands of each costumer.


Engineering of complete and tailor made plants

GRANZOTTO engineers adapted solutions, a complete system according to customer requirements, in terms of product quality and processing techniques. Technology research is the company value, that permits to respond accurately and immediately at every specific request about distillery.

The company is well-known for its advanced and tailor made systems, that guarantee up-to-date manufacturing plants and control process of raw materials, storage and production of spirits.

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High quality spirit and exclusive plants

GRANZOTTO plants are designed and engineered to produce high quality spirit and enhance the flavour, from raw material control to production process. All solutions are flexible, solid and precise:

Product temperature control G-TECO

GRANZOTTO equipments all boast high efficiency and low consuption and allow the temperature control and monitoring during the entire production, using probes and sensors to measure the parameters.

Product transfer G-MOVE

GRANZOTTO solutions can transfer and distribute liquids in a safe and reliable way, preserving the product feautures.

Auxiliary services distribution G-AUX

The supply and installation of equipments for production, storage and decompression of gas and liquids are tested and certified according to the specific regulation in force.
Water treatment and osmosis solutions are especially important, engineered from chemical and physical analysis to guarantee a perfect cut process and safer cleaning systems.

Steam sterilisation systems

GRANZOTTO advanced systems for sterilising piping and equipment, have low consumption devices that guarantee the process management, the safety of the operators and excellent results.

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G-CLEAN Systems

G-CLEAN Systems, integrated in G-MOVE and connected to Pigging System G-RECO, represent the CIP solution (Cleaning In Place) more efficient in the pipelines, fermentation tanks, maturation, storage and filling machines.

Automation and management G-CONTROL

GRANZOTTO automation systems guarantee thee electronic and customized control of the production process. The plant is monitored in real time: live view of the status of each equipment, productivity analysis and quality assessments are always easy to check and, in case, correct.

Microfiltration system

GRANZOTTO microfiltration systems are the most advanced technology to remove impurities and start with purification, without using treatments that can compromise product properties.


All GRANZOTTO systems are into the G-CARE assistance programme, which provides preventive maintenance programmes, remote monitoring, qualified operators always available for technical support and assistance.

Constant research for high technology systems

GRANZOTTO manages a constant research to develop an advanced technology able to meet customer's requirements, according to the regulations in force. GRANZOTTO company not only designs systems but also offers solutions that consider raw material features and the processing techniques, to produce well-preserved and high quality distillates. Materials are selected from the best qualities available in the market and applied technology allows first level processing techniques. Moreover, GRANZOTTO systems respect all hygiene standards, as requested by the specific regulations in force. 

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