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BEER production systems

Decades-long experience at the service of beer master

GRANZOTTO has a considerable experience in engineering, realising and installing beer production systems. 

All brewing systems are engineered in collaboration with the client and the beer master, creating a well-organised brewery, equipped with automation systems and product quality created in partnership with reliable and high quality producers.

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From design to high performance system

GRANZOTTO offers a tailor-made solution to customers willing to build, expand or renew their beer brewing plant.

The experience and knowledge in the process and the choice of the right equipment are the key factors for the succcess of our customers.

Our plants are the result of the careful analysis of the product quality that needs to be achieved, its specific features and needs, the brewing process involved, the available spaces and the budget.

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Unique applications for breweries

GRANZOTTO systems are designed and made to produce all kinds of beer, with the ability to preserve and even enhance the desired flavour and aromatic characteristics. Our expertise in design and production ranges from malt loading down to the treatment of the beer wort.

Product temperature control systems

All our proposals are characterized by flexibility, robustness, reliability and precision:

  • Malt transport and feeding system
  • Mashing, lautering, boiling tuns
  • Whirpool systems
  • Complete offer of filtering systems
  • Pasteurization systems
  • Product transfer and distribution (must, fermented beer, pasteurized beer, etc) G-MOVE
  • Fermentation, maturation and storage tanks
  • CIP cleaning system G-CLEAN, can be assembled with Pigging system G-RECO
  • Cooling and temperature control systems G-TECO
  • Heating systems(gas, electrical, or steam based)
  • Dry-hoppers
  • Malt grinding mills
  • Automated monitoring systems G-CONTROL
  • Sterilization systems
  • Bottling and kegging lines, both glass and PET
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Generation and distribution of auxiliary services G-AUX are particularly effective for beer production:
steam for temperature control and cleaning process, nitrogen for packaging, water treatment for the entire process and washing, or compressed air for plant and machinery.

Why GRANZOTTO for your beer production:

  • Complete system: machinery, connections, auxiliaries.
  • One-stop-shop approach: we supply all you need for your brewery.
  • From 300L up to 50HL per brew system.
  • From Micro-Breweries to medium-sized brewing plants.
  • From 2-tun up to 5-tun (and more) configuration: total flexibility and scalability.
  • Every system is compact and installed on an equipped skid. Installation and maintenance will be easy and quick.
  • Custom-made project and layout.
  • Each project has got a personal history and specific needs: GRANZOTTO engineering team designs your brewery.
  • Full support for installation, startup and first brewing.
  • Trained service engineers will assemble your equipment, make the connections, carefully test all parts and start the production. One of GRANZOTTO's master brewer will be at your side during your first brew.
  • Technology 100% made in Italy.
  • Quality cannot be a compromise when dealing with production equipment and capital investment.
  • Thought for the brewer: straightforward to use, quick daily maintenance, easy cleaning process, compact piping, guaranteed hygene.

Research and advanced technology for the best beer

All GRANZOTTO's brewing projects are engineerd with the support of professional brewers, who know what is really needed, where it should be placed and how should be managed.
Basic automation (for 300L, 600L, 1200L) include automatic product transfer, automatic temperature control and memory space for up to 15 recipes. High level of automation available for bigger systems.

All our brewing systems come with a suitable level of automation, according to the size and to the complexity of the project.
Nothing is extra, nothing is missing. Just what you expect to find and only what you really need.

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All GRANZOTTO systems are into the G-CARE assistance programme, which provides preventive maintenance programmes, remote monitoring, qualified operators always available for technical support and assistance.

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